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(That is me on the left there by my Dad in 2002. I still look dang good in a turtle neck) Photo cred: Abuela


My struggles with mental illness have shaped and refined me into a person I am proud to be today. I try to keep in mind that there are more important things than being the 100% perfect version of myself every day.


I find motivation to keep going through showing good humour, being active, listening to music, and trying to appreciate the small, but beautiful things in life. I literally stopped to smell a flower the other day while walking out of  class, and it worked! I felt better after that. Thanks Ferris Buehler.


I have come to find enjoyment in my weaknesses. It find it oh so amusing that I am so terrible at life sometimes. Ok, most of the time. I've learned to laugh at it and move on because I decide to trust and love myself enough to make mistakes, and still know that I am trying my best.


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We  would love to hear about yourself and your style in finding ways to be happy. Whether or not mental illness has directly affected you or not, we are all looking for the same thing. Let us know how you plan on getting there. Remember, sharing is caring.