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       I would love to hear from you! Just email me over whatever you are thinking about, and I'll do my best to get it on the site!
       Whatever it is that makes you get up in the morning and work hard, whether that be an idea, a piece of music, even your love of nutella, send it on over along with your name and share it with someone who who is looking for some solace in their lives. If you need any more information on what would be good to send over, you can check out the ideas page and look at some of the stuff people have said so far. 
       Please feel free to send over any articles, ideas for the mysolace blog, or the humour page! 
       If you wish to remain anonymous, that is totally cool, just let me know in the email. If not, I would love to have your name and perhaps a picture that you would like me to put up next to the post. (It doesn't even have to be of you if you don't want it to) 
       Anyway, I would appreciate anything you all have, I don't consider this just 'my blog', I worked hard on this so it could be something that a community of people could get behind together and lift up one another.

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Thank you,
The Editor